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 Colorfield Painting Your friend in the painting business


Our Services Include:

Interior Residential Painting & Exterior Residential Painting  

Power Washing   Sanding   Clear Coating   Staining   priming 

Texture coating   Stencil Design   Faux Finishes 

Faux Techniques:

color washing, crackle and aging, faux clouds, metallic leafing, rag rolling, sponging technique, faux spattering, faux stamping, faux stone, faux stripping and faux metallic.

Color Consultation:

Colorfield Painting will work with you to find the best possible color for each and every room and each and every surface. Whether you're entertaining in that room or relaxing with your family and friends, color changes moods.  Colorfield Painting will ensure that you are absolutely satisfied with the final paint color and painting style of each and every space.

Prep work: 

Prep work is essential to painting.  Prep work is indeed what separates the amateur painters from the seasoned professional.  Without the proper prep work the paint won't adhere to the surface and in less than a year flaws will be apparent in workmanship and appearance. That's why Colorfield Painting will wash down all interior walls, scrape, sand, dust, patch, re-sand,re-wash and prime any and all surfaces as needed to ensure the best possible adhesion of the new paint prior to a single drop of paint hitting your walls.  All exterior walls and surfaces are pressure washed and then the above process is applied.  Colorfield Painting also is environmentally safe and uses only green cleaning products and paints with low level or zero VOC content. (Volatile Organic Compounds) All debris is removed following all OSHA standards of practice and following strict EPA guidelines.      

Priming and Painting:

Whether you need exterior painting or the interior painting done, you need the right paint and you want that paint to last!  Colorfield Painting is highly  knowledgeable and skilled in picking the best paint for every job.  Colorfield Painting highly recommends the use of Hallman Lindsay paint.  Not only do they have superior quality paint but they are a locally state owned company and the paint is made here in Wisconsin.  Support local and grow locally.  Our second top choice in paint is Sherwin Wiliams brand paint but should you wish to use any other brand of paint.  We are more than happy to oblige.  There are several other brands of paint that offer top quality paint Behr, Valspar etc.   We also color match any interior paint color or any exterior paint color to your prefered brand of paint.   


We believe the main reason you hired Colorfield Painting to do your painting is because you have more important things to do with your time.  That's why are interior and exterior painters will clean up any and all debris left behind after the job is done.  We will vacuum, sweep, rake and wipe down any and all surfaces where paint chips, dust or dirt have fallen during the restoration of your painting project.  We also will gladly assist with moving furniture items back into the rooms or around the premises.  Returning each and every workspace to its original updated version.

Final Inspection:

Colorfield Painting doesn't consider the job done until you do. 

Your satisfaction is Colorfield Painting's number one concern.  If you're not happy with the final result then we are not happy.  We invite you to inspect all work before final payment and we invite you to voice any and all questions or concerns you may have. 

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Painting the interior of your home or office has one of the highest returns on any investment you could make on your property.

Over a 90% return on exterior house painting

Over a 100% return on Interior house painting

Color is one of the first impressions you will make upon your guests or customers.  

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